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The McFrank & Williams Story

We BUILT the field of Enhanced Recruitment Marketing.
Now we're putting our experience in YOUR hands.

Up until recently, there was simply no way to do what we've always done on a large scale. That's changed.

For 50 years, we've partnered with the world's most exclusive boutique search firms, corporate boards, executive teams, and HR leaders when something more than just a "normal job description" was needed. When the stakes are high and appealing to the very best applicants means the difference between success and failure, companies have turned to us with the highest expectations.

We've delivered, but our challenge has always been how to bring this level of bespoke service to a larger audience.

With advances in software algorithms and programming tools, we've been able to create JobWriter, a SaaS platform that creates custom job descriptions on the fly. Fully automated, it reduces time spent on job description development by over 90% and increases the quality of applicants by more than 300%*.


An Approach Based on the Science of Vocational Attraction

Why is it important that candidates are given the opportunity to understand the personality traits that are valued by one company's job experience over others?

Because the strength of vocational attraction can be measured by the degree of preference (by the job seeker) of the personality attributes valued in the role.

ATTRACTION STRENGTH = The Personality Attribute most valued in the role and strength of the personality preference of the job seeker for that personality attribute.

Applicants with comparable qualifications will ultimately succeed or fail in a position based on how well the job, the group they work with, and the management style of their direct supervisor fits with their own personality and motivations. This is the basis of occupation assessments used by companies the world over to ensure that the right people are placed into the right positions.

But, with the traditional approach, that type of evaluation and matching can only begin after candidates have entered the hiring process.

When there is a MATCH between the personality attribute that the job seeker finds most important to them AND the behavior attributes that the company finds most important to performance success in their roles, companies can expect a significantly higher retention rate post-hire.

JobWriter automates the integration of 23 personality characteristics and related motivators into the job postings themselves, moving the initial matching of 'candidate to position' upstream. Our platform, empirically validated with over 50 years of recruitment advertising experience, allows anyone to produce job descriptions that magnetically appeal to candidates based on more than just education and experience.

Now, with JobWriter, we have the means to share our unique experience with companies in a way that helps them accomplish in minutes what it used to take us days to do: write the most compelling job descriptions possible, tailored to the specific types of candidates they need to attract.

Who we are.
Who we've always been.


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JobWriter is bringing the McFrank & Williams magic to the masses.

If your company wants to speed up the process of writing job descriptions - while improving the quality and performance of those job descriptions - you need to see JobWriter in action. Attracting better applicants makes your entire system operate better. Let us show you how.

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