JobWriter's Market and Applicant Oriented job postings attract better applicants who are most likely to be compatible with the dynamics of your corporate culture and fit in successfully with your organization.

All copy generated by the JobWriter platform automatically checks for bias, ensuring that your postings demonstrate a welcoming and inclusive approach to recruiting.

JobWriter saves time, allowing hiring managers to produce compelling job postings in just minutes for every industry, job category, and job level.

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Job Postings As POWERFUL
As Your Company Brand

Your hiring manager or recruiter answers just a few multiple choice questions about the position being advertised and JobWriter turns these responses into compelling postings, highlighting the particular characteristics you’re looking for. By combining your recruiter’s responses with psychological insights and marketing savvy, JobWriter generates compelling postings to fit your exact specifications, reflecting a gender-neutral, all-inclusive organization.

In just minutes, JobWriter produces job postings as powerful as your company brand.

JobWriter's distinctive copy attracts applicants who will be compatible with the dynamics of your corporate culture, ensuring a successful fit. JobWriter harnesses human insight to create compelling postings for every industry, job category and job level.

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Using the JobWriter SaaS platform, you select what is special about the opportunity and you get your personalized content added instantly. Your traditional job description is transformed into a motivating job posting, available for immediate distribution through any channel - fully editable and adjustable for Facebook, LinkedIn, InMail and Twitter feeds. All copy is automatically written to be inclusive and gender neutral.


HR Manager
The Vomela Companies

JobWriter has opened up a world of opportunity for our business, it has taught us how to attract the correct personalities and abilities to each position. Before JobWriter we would have to piece together multiple job descriptions and post to try and convey exactly what we were looking for in an employee, with JobWriter, we click a few buttons add some content and press go. The program then writes the job posting for you, we go back in and add or edit anything with ease and post. Mind blowing results on our first post and every other post that followed. We here at The Vomela Companies would recommend this tool for any company who is looking to hire qualified candidates that are excited to work and meet the personality traits you need on your team.

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Niagra Corp.

We were under the gun to fill almost 50 positions at several locations in our company. JobWriter allowed us to quickly create job descriptions that were insightful and targeted to exactly what we needed to get the right people in place fast.


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