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JobWriter’s enhanced postings target a culture fit.

Forget the same dull copy that makes recruitment ads all sound alike — JobWriter enhanced postings don’t just describe jobs, they tell your story about your goals, your organization’s culture, and what it genuinely feels like to work in a particular job. Candidates will know intrinsically if their personality makes them a natural fit. They’ll also feel comfortable about the work environment and how their talents will be valued. And finally, they’ll be able to see themselves aligned with your corporate culture. Appealing to candidates on these three levels helps ensure that they share your expectations, values, and attitudes.

Candidates can self-screen and get excited.

JobWriter postings are written to sound like they’re talking to one person rather than everyone, and in a more human voice, the way people naturally speak — not corporate mumbo jumbo. The job postings are honest and authentic, making it easy for people to get excited about the opportunity. In fact, with this novel approach, candidates know whether they’ll be happy on the job. Interestingly, the same copy that woos candidates who share your vision dissuades those who don’t. Obviously, this up-front self-screening helps you hire more efficiently. Not to mention, happy employees are more engaged, productive, and tend to stay longer.

When hiring managers and recruiters collaborate, the real magic happens.

Nobody has more insight into jobs than hiring managers. Better insights mean better postings. Only JobWriter has you pick their brains to choose the one word (out of a list of 27 employee traits) that best describes the ideal candidate. Instantly, the program provides the definition of that attribute and then generates an eye-catching headline with experiential job content that excites the imagination. (Other programs skip this good-first-impression step.) Next, you’ll choose from 12 different cultures and 10 branding factors to further target your posting. With variables like these, no two postings are ever the same, and the possibilities for variation are virtually limitless.

There’s no place for gender bias in today’s world – or in your posting.

With the click of a button, JobWriter will scan your posting, highlight words that should be changed to make it entirely gender neutral, and suggest alternatives.

When there is a specific role where you want to generate even greater interest from diverse candidates.

JobWriter can take your standard diversity language and improve the attractiveness of your organization to diverse candidates on a job by job basis. With a single click on any particular job, JobWriter includes additional content for that role related to your focus on inclusiveness.

Only JobWriter PowerPosts Make Deeper, More Meaningful, More Diverse Connections in Any Language. Literally.

In addition to English, JobWriter is now available in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Hebrew and many other languages.

  • Organizations large and small use ProWritingAid to help their people create more effective written communication. However, we use JobWriter to attract better employees. We found JobWriter’s PowerPosts attracted more talented, diverse people that have been consistently the best fit than what we were doing ourselves. I never thought I’d be writing an endorsement for a platform that also helps create content. But JobWriter results compel me to do so.

    Chris Banks, Founder, CEO

    No other job-writing program is more useful … or more effective!

    The hardest part of being a recruiter is now the easiest — with JobWriter, you’ll immediately be equipped to automatically create more compelling and effective postings in a shorter amount of time. The more you use this program, the more proficient you become. And, since you know what matters most in each job opening, you can easily customize the copy and arrange paragraphs to help you achieve your goals; whether it’s matching a candidate’s personality and skills to a particular job, boosting engagement, or improving retention.

    So stop stressing over the quality of your job postings.
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    With our API, JobWriter can seamlessly integrate with all ATS and HRIS systems, and be customized to accommodate your organization’s specific requirements.